Contexts - a barrier too high for newbies?

I’ve already shared some of my thoughts about this in another thread which received some replies you might be interested in reading.

At the risk of coming across as the person who just likes to complain I would like to add my opinion hasn’t changed and still think contexts are a bad idea. A lot of work goes into this framework and I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I think the maintainers are missing the big picture.

There are many (probably too many) languages to chose from these days and if Elixir wants to increase in popularity, or even stay relevant, it needs a “killer app”. For a language that excels at network things Phoenix is the perfect showcase for the possibilities.

Contexts are clearly a barrier to some people and I’m sure it’s turning people away but instead of thinking how to improve it we have a sort of echo chamber where most criticism is met with instant dismissal. I keep on reading they’re not complex and we’re not forced to use them which misses the point.

My suggestion would be to have another folder alongside “web” called “app”. This could work exactly like a context but just be a the default if no other one is specified when using the generators. It separates your app from the web app and sets people up for contexts in the future. I would also recommend removing the table prefix but I can see that leading to a similar discussion.

Having said that I’m using Elixir/Phoenix in my next project and I’m loving it. I’m using the structure as above because I love generators (why do people keep on dismissing them as only learning tools :confused:) and it provides the maximum amount of separation for minimum effort.

I promise not to be as negative in any other topics but this context discussion really gets me going.