Contexts/JSON Views - Preload data based off of current_user

I’ve got a reaction system that’s working pretty well on its own, Im just not happy/sure about how I’m preloading reaction data for resources. The UI in my app shows a different state for an Observation if the user has reacted to it in some way, e.g. a Like. My API currently adds a key into the ObservationView JSON with %{current_user: %{like_id: (id || nil)}}.

The preloading:

  def list_posts do
    |> Post.sorted
    |> Repo.all
    |> Repo.preload(@default_post_preloads)
  def list_posts(%User{} = user) do
    |> Repo.all()
    |> Repo.preload(@default_post_preloads)

  defp list_posts_with_observation_likes_query(user_id) do
    like_query =
      from ol in ObservationLike,
        where: ol.user_id == ^user_id

    from p in Post,
      distinct: true,
      join: o in assoc(p, :observations),
      left_join: ol in assoc(o, :likes),
      preload: [observations: {o, likes: ^like_query}]

These functions are defined in a module Stream. It feels weird to me to have a function that takes a user and preloads reaction/like data in that Stream module, which is primarily for listing posts/observations. But, having the data preloaded here saves me some queries over passing the current user into ObservationView and using a context method like Reactions.has_user_reacted(observation, user).

what do you all think?