Contributing with a "phx.gen.oidc"


I’ve spent some hours working on an adaptation of phx.gen.auth Mix.Task to generate a simple model that uses OpenIDConnect instead of “email/password”.
I thought it could be helpful for more people that use such authentication method.
Following the, I decided to ask here first if that is reasonable enough for me to clean it up and “craft a pull request”.


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phx.gen.auth is already meant to be adjusted to ones individual needs, rather than having any aspiration of handling everything by itself. I’d expect this to fall in that category of “adjustments to make”. I’ve seen systems support a single SSO provider, multiple ones, SSO and email/password, some have email confirmation, some don’t. I think a guide of what needs to be done to adjust phx.gen.auth to a SSO context would be more useful.

It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the feedback.
Maybe I’ll “craft a blog post” =)


Actually most of the work is basically removing all the “confirm”, “reset_password”, etc. Maybe what could make things very straight forward would be a flag to just don’t generate this functionality.
Does it make sense?