Contributors/maintainers for Emacs elixir-mode

Hello folks,

the Elixir team (well me, but I got a thumbs up from the others :P) is looking for contributors and potentially maintainers for the Emacs Elixir integration (elixir-mode). According to the 2016 Elixir user survey, 14% of Elixir is developed on Emacs; while this percentage is not huge, it’s still a substantial chunk of people getting a non-optimal experience when editing. The things that need the most love in elixir-mode are definitely syntax highlighting and even more indentation.

elixir-mode already has a couple of maintainers (@tonini is one of them), but they have not been active in the recent months (which is perfectly fine, I don’t want to peer pressure anyone! :slight_smile: ). Sadly, I am not confident with Elisp enough to work on this myself.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with me or directly share your interest in the issues and pull requests that are open in the project. I realize this is not the most exciting Elixir project to work on (as it’s not Elixir :P), but it’s a widely used tool nonetheless :).

Thanks for reading!



I haven’t done any lisp for ages and never really looked into elisp. But since I use it myself I will take a look at the codebase over the next week and report back then.