Convert boolean to string

Hi all,

just a quick check here. I did my due diligence on google.

Is there a pre built function in Elixir to convert boolean to string or is string interpolation the only way?

Am trying to do

bool = true
output = "That's" <> bool

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Oh my! Google search fail. Thanks for the enlightenment

You can also use string interpolation which automatically calls to_string IE:

bool = true
"That's #{bool}"

He explicitely asked for an alternative to string interpolation.

Oops! That’s what I get for skimming the text and just looking at the code.

Heh, to be more specific string interpolation turns in to to_string/1, so doing "blah '#{vwoop}'" turns in to "blah '" <> to_string(vwoop) <> "'".

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