Convert Ecto Changeset to Struct



So I want to use Ecto to validate some form input data, but then turn that data back into a typed struct to pass into a function which is typechecking arguments. Is there a way to do this?


Why not typecheck directly the changeset, I would say that’s the right thing to do actually. Is there something more about your case? What do you mean with typecheck?


When you want to turn changeset into struct (e.g. without inserting to the DB), you can use Ecto.Changeset.apply_changes/1 but be careful: it’s gonna return a struct regardless if the changes was valid or not, so you’ll probably want to validate it explicitly first.


Thank you! That’s what I was looking for (don’t worry, validating the changeset first :slight_smile: ).


Update: As of Ecto 2.2.0 there’s even an Ecto.Changeset.apply_action/2 that additionally checks whether the changeset is valid or not.