Converting list to string and return

I’m playing with elixir and graphql and I want to return my model for a given argument, in this case, it will be ean_code so

def get_product(%{ean_code: ean_code}) do
  item =
   |> where([t], t.ean_code == ^ean_code)
   |> Repo.all()

   {:ok, item}

get_product should return all if ean_code` match the given value, this is my mutation

field :item, type: :string do
  arg :ean_code, non_null(:string)

  resolve fn _, args, _ ->

and error is

To be converted to a string, a list must either be empty or only
contain the following elements:

  * strings
  * integers representing Unicode code points
  * a list containing one of these three elements

Please check the given list or call inspect/1 to get the list representation, got:

    [%Scan.Product.Schema.Item{__meta__: #Ecto.Schema.Metadata<:loaded, "items">, br

The error is self-explanatory but I’m a bit confused on how to solve it, so can someone help me understand how can I convert this, thanks.

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Hello and welcome…


Repo one will return an item, while Repo.all() will return a list… but You expect an item.

Hey @kokolegorille, yes I expect an item :smile: and thanks for pointing out this.