Could not compile dependency :erlexec with mix deps.compile

I’m running into an error when compiling erlexec with mix deps.compile erlexec.

Error Message

System Information

OS: macOS Monterey 12.1 (21C52)
CPU: Apple M1 Pro
Erlang: 24.1.7
Elixir: 1.13.0-otp-24
Phoenix: 1.6.0


Any combination of those commands doesnt help:

  • rm -Rf deps
  • rm -Rf _build
  • mix deps.clean --all
  • mix deps.get
  • mix deps.compile

I don’t have an M1 Mac but I hear it’s really important to know if you’re using x64 emulated terminal (and Erlang/Elixir, through Rosetta2) or are you using the native ARM (M1) ones? That should be your starting point IMO.

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Erlang/Elixir, iTerm in native ARM (M1) versions.

Removing all x86 libraries installed via homebrew and installing all of them with arm64 homebrew solved that issue for me.