Could we imagine a live_audio_preview and live_video_preview like live_img_preview?

I would like to preview audio and video on the web page using resp. audio and video elements. I saw that the live_img_preview component put a special img element with a data-phx-hook="Phoenix.LiveImgPreview" and that LiveImgPreview does its magic using LiveUploader in JS. I have two questions:

  1. Is it going to be included in Phoenix LiveView ? :slight_smile:
  2. How could I put my own elements with the right src attribute easily ? I could write a LiveAudioPreview which calls LiveUploader just like LiveImgPreview but it looks like the object is encapsulated through an IIFE, making things difficult without a lot of hacking IMHO.

Another way would be to directly upload the files onto the server which would allow me to get an URL pointing to a file like in the nice examples by @mcrumm at GitHub - mcrumm/live_upload_example: Demonstrating file uploads with Phoenix LiveView with auto_upload: true (files: auto.ex and auto.html.heex). But it is not as nice as a preview before uploading.

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