CPU requirements for serving at least 10K clients?

I actually never did deployed a service by myself.

But when writing this ( myself ) first project i have no vision about how many cpu is need for My backend ,

My backend must serving to at least 10K client before i making my team.

My app serving to request by phoenix and
All operations for different routes processed
( always it works under 400ns )
((( gets from ets )))

But I dont know how many cpu is ok
( I calced how many memory and disk need )

But what about cpu ??

I want take a vision not exactly number of core

My app is Communication and many hot component is fetching from ets

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Use a PaaS, start from the lowest tier you can get away with. Upgrade is easy and you have to do it many times over anyhow. On the other hand, money is harder to raise.

thanks. yes i choice PaaS,

But I don’t have Idea about how many cpu :sweat_smile:
c10 ?
c20 ?
c50 ?

i must change my whole backend later,
because this is heavily optimized for single node .

The only way to find out is to try. Whatever other people says has nothing to do with your application.

What do you mean by 10K client? is it like 10K concurrent request? if it is so then from Phoenix 10k req/sec, ETS 10 CPU Core* probably would be enough

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