CPU spikes when using Goth with metadata service

Hello, we are using 2 Goth (v1.4.0) instances, one which uses a service account and the other which uses the Google internal metadata service. The latter was recently added and since then we see CPU spikes every 25 minutes. This seems to be when the token is refreshed since it has an expire of 26 minutes.

This shows the CPU spikes after adding Goth with metadata service, this is on a 30 day scale.

On a 6 hour scale the CPU spikes are clearly visibly every 25 minutes.

The are started as following:

children = [
Supervisor.child_spec({Goth, name: Sippy.Core.LegacyGCPAuth, source: source},
        id: :legacy_gcp_auth
Supervisor.child_spec({Goth, name: Sippy.Core.GCPAuth},
        id: :gcp_auth

Supervisor.start_link(children, strategy: :one_for_one, name: Sippy.Core.Supervisor)

I’m not sure how to debug this further, I looked at the source code but couldn’t see anything that would cause such thing. There are also no errors during the refresh whatsoever. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem.