Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe (Pragprog)

by Bruce Williams and Ben Wilson

Your domain is rich and interconnected, and your API should be too. Upgrade your web API to GraphQL, leveraging its flexible queries to empower your users, and its declarative structure to simplify your code. Absinthe is the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir, a functional programming language designed to enable massive concurrency atop robust application architectures. Written by the creators of Absinthe, this book will help you take full advantage of these two groundbreaking technologies. Build your own flexible, high-performance APIs using step-by-step guidance and expert advice you won’t find anywhere else.

GraphQL is a new way of structuring and building web services, and the result is transformational. Find out how to offer a more tailored, cohesive experience to your users, easily aggregate data from different data sources, and improve your back end’s maintainability with Absinthe’s declarative approach to defining how your API works.

Build a GraphQL-based API from scratch using Absinthe, starting from core principles. Learn the type system and how to expand your schema to suit your application’s needs. Discover a growing ecosystem of tools and utilities to understand, debug, and document your API. Take it to production, but do it safely with solid best practices in mind. Find out how complexity analysis and persisted queries can let you support your users flexibly, but responsibly too. Along the way, discover how Elixir makes all the difference for a high performance, fault-tolerant API. Use asynchronous and batching execution, or write your own custom add-ons to extend Absinthe. Go live with subscriptions, delivering data over websockets on top of Elixir (and Erlang/OTP’s) famous solid performance and real-time capabilities.

Transform your applications with the powerful combination of Elixir and GraphQL, using Absinthe.

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Congrats Ben (& Bruce) - I’m sure loads of people will find the book very helpful :023: (I’ve split your post into a dedicated thread and added further info) :slight_smile:

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Big congratulations Ben & Bruce, the work you do for the Elixir community is amazing! Can’t wait to give it a read :).


Sigh, I needed this book end of last year when I did a POC of our config API. If you are taking suggestions, I wouldn’t mind more information on resolvers that don’t use Ecto. Especially about how to take the whole query into account so you can make a single query to a non-sql datastore. (Like datomic.)

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Somehow I missed this when you originally published, so I’ll take the opportunity to congratulate you and Bruce and wish you best of luck with getting it done!


I am very eager to read it!

Until that time, let me just take a moment to say: What a beautiful cover image :heart_eyes: .

Can’t have enough of these resources. Thanks Ben and Bruce for the effort. Instabuy

Agreed, I’ll be picking it up on day one. Always good to have more reliable resources.

I think the colours mixing on the cover should be Elixir indigo and Absinthe green.

PS: I missed the GraphQL fuchsia which also needs to be in there.


I am looking forward to reading this book! In particular, I am curious about use-cases and patterns for developing with Subscriptions in graphql (background Thanks for all your work and contributions to the ecosystem.

Just an update folks, our talk is available now!


I am seriously hanging out for this book. Any idea on a beta ETA?

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We’re committed to having it out prior to the Sept 5th ElixirConf, so we’re targetting mid August at this point.


The first beta is finally released! Thank you Ben and Bruce for your great work!:+1:


Purchased! Looking forward to it

Purchased together with React for Real, 30usd for both with elixirforum coupon code, a steal!


Purchased and enjoying it! Had experience building graphql servers in JS - building in elixir is a breath of fresh air.


Just bought this book and really enjoying it!
Anyone interested in GraphQL, just go get it.

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We’re excited to say that it’s officially been sent to production! There will be one more beta that goes out that includes all the chapters, which also takes into account all the excellent final review feedback we received. It’s now gotta go through the copy editing process and some other stuff before printing, but we look forward to it being out in print!


The latest beta is out! It includes the last chapter, which covers getting started with vanilla JS, Apollo, and Relay, including subscriptions!