Created a Command Palette within a week, thanks to Elixir & Phoenix LiveView

Hey Guys,

I created a command palette for my blog/site/portfolio, using Phoenix LiveView & Meilisearch.

I am just overwhelmed by how much I was able to do thanks to LiveView & Elixir.

  1. Using Req library, I am able to interface with Meilisearch easily.
  2. Imgproxy, lets me dynamically resize images, which then appear nicely in Command Palette.
  3. Tailwind CSS native integration with Phoenix is just chef’s kiss.
  4. Phoenix LiveView, JS Hooks and the whole interaction with JS is just sublime. I got this thing done, because of how little JS I had to write.
  5. Meilisearch is fast and easy, with features like multi search, facets, filters, synonyms I don’t think I will need any other search engine.
  6. Changesets are amazing at form validation, even when used without a DB.

I’m glad Elixir, Phoenix & Live View exists. I would have quit this field otherwise. :heart:

My site (Using Tailwind CSS)

Command Palette K (Using Phoenix Hooks)

Global Search (Utilising the latest Multisearch feature of Meilisearch)

Specialized search (Utilising Elixir’s amazing string pattern matching)

Routes dynamically extracted from the internal routes (Utilising Elixir’s amazing Map & Enum features)

P.S. Log Out works, thanks to <.link method="delete" />


Input Validation (Changesets & Schema are just incredible, for form input validations)

P.S. The project is open source, it’s a WIP so I haven’t deployed it yet.

P.P.S. Tools part is pending as of now, and so is a ! command for toggles.

! Debug Latency
! Show Source Inspector