Creating a `defdelegate c()` with a function defined in `~/.iex.exs`


I am currently trying to create a c helper in my ~/.iex.exs with my own defdelegate (as presented in this video: ), but I am seeing an error about redefining the module every time I try to use the function.

Here is my ~/.iex.exs file:

defmodule :_continue do
  defdelegate c(), to: IEx.Helpers, as: :continue

import :_continue

And here is the error I receive:

Interactive Elixir (1.16.0) - press Ctrl+C to exit (type h() ENTER for help)
    warning: redefining module :_continue (current version defined in memory)
  1 │ defmodule :_continue do
    │ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    └─ /home/djaouen/.iex.exs:1: :_continue (module)

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!