Creating a site based on RSS feeds

This is a bit off topic but has anybody here created a site which is based on RSS feeds.I was browsing the net when I came across are loads of other sites which parse RSS feeds to create their content not getting sued?Any pointers would to this topic would be real help.

They are just the title and links - so there isn’t any real copyright infringement, though, if a publication has a problem with being included they will normally contact the site and ask for removal (or block their bot).

These kinds of sites are not very popular (with end users) Imo…

Thanks @AstonJ…a lot of feed readers are using the same method and some of them even charge you to include a particular feed.I’m surprised how they get away with that

As far as I know, at least under EU law, using content from any publicly available place is allowed if you clearly state the source (a ‘citation’). This is also why search engines are not illegal.

As soon as you pass off someone else’s work as your own, though, that is when you cross the line. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Qqwy

There is ‘fair use’, but it does not, for example, allow you to reproduce an entire article and merely refer to or link to the source.

The site in the first post is generally considered ok because it is just link-text and a link and is from many sites (and not actual content from the page it links to). However it would still need to pass fair use.

I suggest anyone considering reproducing content to read up on fair use:


I’ve built a couple of sites that use podcast feeds as their source of data. Most of the time folks are very happy to have you promote their stuff. People like free traffic as long as you are not trying to pass the content off as your own.

In the US they will send you a strongly worded letter that asks you to take down the content. From there it’s really up to you.

Thanks @nerdyworm…are the sites you mentioned live? - the sole survivor :slight_smile: