Creating an API without esbuild in Phoenix >1.6.0

How do I scaffold my API in Phoenix, previously I used to use mix --no-html --no-webpack my_api, now in Phoenix 1.6.0 I don’t know how to scaffold for creating an API? I would be grateful if someone could guide me… Thank you!

If you quickly do a mix help you will see all the options and their help texts. From a quick run, I see there is a new --no-assets switch which explains it will not generate any assets folder, much like --no-webpack I suppose? In addition, I also see --no-live and --no-dashboard options as well, so if you want absolutely no front-end to your repository maybe you can try though too?

I would probably just use: mix --no-html --no-assets <app>

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This worked, thanks @code-shoily

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