Creation of a new Elixir & Phoenix Intermediate to Advanced Course Curriculum - Survey & Discussion

tl;dr; I’d appreciate your willingness to fill in a short survey about the curriculum which you
find most interesting for an Elixir based intermediate to advanced course.

This would aid me as a reference knowing which bonus materials to focus on first.
You can take part in the Elixir Intermediate Course Curriculum Survey here[)

The idea

Long story short, I’m currently working on a set of courses under an umbrella group/idea called “Life Efficiency - The Art of Becoming Irreplaceable in an Artificial Intelligence Driven World”

I’ve identified a set of 7 skillsets which will help anyone become irreplaceable.

One of them is Software Development and Computer Knowledge. Which will have 2 courses, one about general computer knowledge, linux, networking, etc.

And the one about software development. Since everything I’ve been doing is around efficiency, it’s natural to choose the best tools for the job. This is why the course will focus on the Elixir ecosystem which is closest to my heart after years of searching and experimenting.

Identifying Solutions to the Problem

The main thing is, I don’t want to do yet another beginner’s course. The world is full of them without much difference. Even those who say “master elixir” just mean the bare basics

Yet, it’s extremely difficult to find any intermediate or advanced course with real life applicability and examples.

So I thought out to create one which explores a variety of topics by creating a real world application from idea conception, to planning, to implementation. By using an iteration based approach (Just like Agile or MVP). Simulating how a real customer is going to change their mind and the apps evolves along the way. Going through a variety of phases and exploring a plethora of tools,software and ways to solve problems.

I’ll be pouring in thousands of hours of experience gathered through reading, experimenting and solving real world problems. (Also observing others being grossly inefficient and figuring out there are better ways.)

The audience

A bare minimum knowledge of software development. If 0 means 0 days experience, and 10 means 7-10 years of software development experience. The audience would be situated between a 2 to 5. Increasing their skills to 5-8.

You can share the survey with friends, coworkers, etc.

What do you think?


Great idea! Learning material is always welcome, especially considering we had the Elixir Survey results out and new adopters were the lesser percentage, so I think the biggest contribution you can make to Elixir now is to have material to bring more people in.

However, I think you have a goal too grand. I would suggest starting out small by fleshing out a small course with the most condensed useful information you can gather, and see how the public reacts, expanding to more subjects depending on the feedback. The subject for this course would be something of extreme value that other technologies simply can’t replicate without a lot of work – this was exactly what Rails did in the beginning.

Good luck!

I realize that the goal is grandiose and the project is cosmic in complexity. It would probably require a team of people.

That’s exactly why I’ve been pondering about it for some time.

My plan is to actually bring out the course in a minimal usable format and then expand it continuously based on feedback, new things that come out, and recent developments. Certainly like you’ve described it.

This is why I’ve created the survey, the more people reply, the more accurate I can understand the unique needs of the community

My goal is to add tiny bits of wisdom regarding business needs, architectural vision, developer operations(devops), system administration, and general programming concepts. All distilled in a tiny potion by using Elixir.

You can certainly share the survey with friends, colleagues etc,