Credo not working in VSCode

I am trying to integrate Credo checks into my VSCode setup, but for the love of god, I cannot make it work. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Add {:credo, "~> 1.5", only: [:dev, :test], runtime: false} to my mix.exs
  2. Run mix deps.get
  3. Install the VS Code - Elixir Linter (Credo) extension.
  4. Enabled the elixir.credo.onSave option.
  5. Set the elixir.credo.executePath to /Users/pullrich/.asdf/shims
  6. Keep elixir.credo.credoConfiguration as default
  7. Keep elixir.credo.configurationFile as .credo.exs
  8. Restart VSCode.

I can run mix credo from my command line just fine. But I’d really like to have it integrated into VSCode. I also have ElixirLS installed, and that one works fine, just the @spec-type suggestions don’t work.

I also can’t see a Credo-like extension when I open my Output panel of the integrated terminal.

Can somebody maybe give me some leads/things to check, please?

It turned out that there’s a bug with showing the errors: Displaying of credo warnings throws "Illegal Argument" error · Issue #9 · pantajoe/vscode-elixir-credo · GitHub