Crimson Aegis - Data loss prevention for Slack

Hi Elixir community,

I just launched my first paid SaaS, Crimson Aegis. Crimson Aegis is a data loss prevention (DLP) integration for Slack. It checks your Slack messages and file uploads to make sure you aren’t posting sensitive information like credit card number and social security numbers and gives the option to remove messages.

Use the promo code ELIXIR20 for a 20% discount on your subscription when you sign up!

About the stack:

  • Elixir with Phoenix (a given!)
  • Postgres for DB
  • Stripe for payments
  • Hosted on Google Compute Engine
  • SendGrid for transactional emails
  • Sentry for error reporting
  • Uses GenStage for a key portion of the app

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to ask any questions too!



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