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Recently I started a project that became really useful for me and wanted to share it as it could be useful for people that are trying to build trading bots.

At this moment Toretto (well, it’s a dev codename) - can stream trade events from Binance, allows to see things through GUI (written in Phoenix Liveview) and kick of/stop streaming from there. I’m planning to add features like backtesting and even sample “naive algo” which can be showcasing how to write an algo.

My idea would be to expand it to be like kick-starter boilerplate for somebody planning to code algo trading in Elixir - batteries included (you can read more about plans from “to do” section. A little bit like quantopian but it would be fully open source and written in Elixir <3

I’m really excited to share this even when it’s in such very early stage - I’m relatively new to Elixir/Erlang so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


PS. Help from anybody with any design skill would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

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If you can provide Simple and Exponential Moving Averages it would be useful to build most of the other indicators and trading algorithms.
The next likely candidate would be Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions.
Are you also providing conditional trade executions (stop loss, etc) ?

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Wow, that’s exactly the answer/comment that I was hoping for - thank you so much. I will add it to my todo list and start working on them ASAP. There will be some learning curve so feel free to jump in with help whenever you can - would be greatly appreciated :wink:

Regards conditional executions - they are supported by Binance as far as I remember correctly - otherwise it would be part of strategy.

Is it possible to place shorts ? If not it won’t be possible to arbitrage.

It’s not possible to short crypto on crypto exchanges (as far as I’m aware, CFDs is allowing it but I doubt that I will support MetaTrader or similar - better focus on getting it working with exchanges).

When I was pointing to arbitrage I was thinking about buying on binance and selling somewhere else in the same time and gaining by price difference.


I added a skin to the app, dashboard with current (streamed) prices and currently working on first algo. Will keep you updated.

Ps. Looks like LiveView works perfect in widget structure using mount as “controller” - example in repo would be price_feed_live.


It took me ages but I managed to push new version tonight.

Backtesting is now implemented and working, naive strategy is trading and making money (checked live and using “unit” tests) - screenshot below:

Warning: As per description in repository, use it at your own risk :slight_smile: It’s still buggy for sure but I’m working hard to make it better - any contributions are welcome :slight_smile:

Also, repository got moved to:
I started to tag releases - newest one is 0.0.2

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