CSV Data for Test Factories

I have a CSV file. I would like to use the data in the CSV file as inputs for the fields in my test factories. Any suggestions on how we could do this?
This is a sample csv file

The post test factory looks like this

def post_factory(attrs \\ %{}) do
      body: body from posts csv,
      title: title from posts csv,
      comment: build(:comment) #comment has its own factory and csv

What have you tried so far?

So far I have been using the Faker library for generating test data for the factories. This is my first time trying to extract data from csv in Elixir.

I came across a method from a blog that helps in fetching data from csv -

Using File.read! to load the csv,
String.split to fetch all the rows
then Enum.map to convert the each row to a column and then filter

I am not certain where this parsing should belong and how to use these as inputs for the fields in factory.

You should use nimble_csv to parse your data.


Thank you for this suggestion. This is something that fits my requirements.