Csv2Sql - Load csv files to database(Web UI and Postgres Support)

CSV2SQL - Blazing fast csv to database loader!

Hi, I have been working on a side project for quite some time now. I had earlier posted about this project here, since then I have improved the codebase and I have added some additional features to this project.

Basically, Csv2Sql is a fast fully automated tool that can load huge CSV files into a MySQL or PostgreSQL database very easily.

It now comes with a dashboard web UI that runs using phoenix live view. So, now we can use the app easily using either the web interface or using the command line. I have separated out the core application and this new phoenix web app and created an umbrella project.

Heres a GIF of the application in action:

The web interface also much easy to use and configure and gives much detailed information about the progress of the app as it processes the CSV files one by one. Also, I have added support for Postgres now.

I have tested the app on by Ubuntu x86_64 system, Please create an issue with details of your OS distribution, architecture(for example, x86_64 or ARM) and ABI (for example, musl or gnu) if the app does not run on your system.

I would love any feedback or suggestions, please do give it a try, you can find all details on installation and usage here in this repository. If you face any issues feel free to create an issue.

Thanks, have a good day! :slight_smile: