Cucumber_gherkin - an official gherkin parser

cucumber_gherkin is an official Gherkin parser that’s on the Cucumber monorepository and maintained by the Cucumber community.

The goal of this project is to, in the end, create a complete Cucumber implementation that is completely conform to other language implementations. This way feature files that are used for e.g. a Java implementation can be used in the Elixir implementation without any problems as it’ll behave exactly the same.

On top of this library the actual test framework can be built without worrying about parsing the whole Gherkin grammar.

Special thanks to:

  • The Cucumber community, especially Aslak and Rien for answering a lot of questions.
  • UCLL its BDDdna research team. This was the result of a research project regarding BDD.
  • Ajwah (on Elixir Slack) for reaching out & advice
  • @ahamez for the wonderful protox library.

This library also uses the protobuf-defined messages. This is also a published package (cucumber_messages).

Hope it helps!