Curiosum Annual Elixir Survey 2023

Hey everyone! :wave:

At Curiosum, we noticed there is no regular, every-year kind of survey for Elixir like the ones Stack Overflow does. We decided to step up and start doing an annual survey ourselves. We have a couple of hundred replies so far, and I decided to spread the news here as well so that we can gather as many replies as possible.

We’re all curious about many things, including:

  • How the adoption of new things in Elixir language looks like
  • If companies and devs are turning to Elixir for their projects
  • Whether the developers and decision makers who use Elixir actually like it or have issues with it
  • and more…

This is the first time we’re doing this, so any feedback about the quality of the survey is welcome. The goal is to improve it every year to provide valuable results to the whole community.

In advance, thanks for your contribution!

Link: Curiosum's Annual Elixir Survey


Filled. I would advise a little bit of nuance on this question:

  1. Has using Elixir led to faster time to market?

Yes or no is too binary, maybe a scale of 1 to 5 would work better. F.ex. one of the projects I worked in definitely led to faster time to market… after an initial prototyping phase. Same for another but we had to rewrite older versions first. That could be better reflected in a scale and not on a binary yes / no answer. In both of these situations I’d rate Elixir with 3/5 or 4/5 but not 5/5.


Hey, thank you for your feedback!

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Filled. I feel it would be better to have an “I don’t know” option in some of the questions because not all developers care about marketing, and not all developers are DevOps.


Hey, and thank you for the answer + feedback :slight_smile: We get the feedback about “I don’t know” option quite frequently, and I think it will influence next year’s edition of the survey.

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