Current state of SQL Server (MSSQL) Ecto Adapters

Hello there. I was struggling recently to get Mssqlex + Mssql_ecto to work on my project and found online resources quite scarce. After delving into the source code, i found a way to make Windows Authentication for SQL Server work for mssqlex, and perhaps i could make a pull request with that addon eventually.
Their github repositories though, are quite abandoned, with tds_ecto being the most recently committed one, 7 months ago.
For those working with Elixir + MSSQL, what solutions are you currently employing? Is there any standard adaptor (or solution outside of the Ecto framework) ? Are there any active teams working on updating those adapters or even developing new ones?



Since 3.4.0 versions of ecto and ecto_sql (released yesterday) there is support for mssql using tds 2.1.0.

I am using SQL server authentication. Do not know if Windows Authentication works.



Please can you share your approach/ modifications?