Dagger_ex - Dagger SDK for Elixir

The library doesn’t complete yet but it’s nearly 0.1.0. :slight_smile:

The repo is here.

I create a library to interact with Dagger, language agnostic CI/CD on top of Docker with GraphQL. This allows us to write Elixir code as a CI/CD pipeline, such as testing your code, building an image, publishing to the registry, etc. And use Mix to manage pipelines as a function or mix task.

The library is now working as expected since I use it to test the library itself here but it needs a bit to clean up and handle more error cases. (I make a mess around the handling process between the library and dagger Port, don’t yell at me ><).

Please note that the library requires to install Dagger binary before running it.

If anyone trying it, feel free to open an issue on GitHub or comment in this thread.

Thank you. :bowing_man:


The library now release 0.1.0. It also provide on running on livebook but please note that it can run only on local livebook instance since it requires dagger and docker engines.

Feel free to open a PR or comment in this thread.

Thank you. :heart:

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0.1.1 is out to support Dagger v0.5.1 (release yesterday).

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Hi all,

I want to update the current status of the project.

The sad news is the project is temporary pause it will not accepting bugs or features.

But the good news is the sdk is in state of merging into dagger repository as an experimental sdk. You can see the progress at Import Elixir SDK as Experimental by gerhard · Pull Request #5201 · dagger/dagger · GitHub. I will post a new thread when everything ready and ship with new package.

Thank you. :man_bowing: