DailyDrip is hosting a Remote Meetup for Elixir each month!

Hey everyone!

Super excited to announce that we’ll be doing a monthly remote meetup for Elixir! More details once we’ve nailed down a time and date, but you can help us organize that in Slack in the #remote-meetup channel.


There’s a blog post about it, and if you wanted to help make it awesome and get some reach, you could retweet this!

Big ol’ hearts,



Here’s the link to register: https://www.bigmarker.com/remote-meetup/Elixir-Remote-Meetup-1

I registered. It’s scheduled while I’m in the office so hopefully I can listen uninterrupted.

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I can’t attend due to a conflicting meeting but I hope to next month. I think this is a great idea, will the meetups be recorded and sent out ?

Friday would be so much better for me in general, but, yeah, I’m going to try to make each one fit.