Das Keyboard 5Q


Not sure how convenient something like this would be, it seams a better desktop alert manager would be more convenient than blinking keyboard keys.

I thought it was supposed to be a joke :lol:

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Call me skeptical, but the fact that you need ‘cloud’ connectivity for color control seems to indicate that all of your notification data is being sent to ‘the cloud’. I realize that most if it originates in a cloud anyway, but they don’t seem to acknowledge this concern.

I followed the ‘more information’ link to their kickstarter page and didn’t see the word ‘security’ mentioned anywhere. Either they haven’t thought of security implications, or they aren’t making their plan to deal with security public. Neither option gives me a good feeling.

That being said, these keyboards look really cool!

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Think of a different option:

Here is my keyboard (love it!): http://www.corsair.com/en-us/vengeance-k95-fully-mechanical-gaming-keyboard

The picture from that site:

Every key has an RGB LED that you can set to whatever color you want. Now I’m unsure how good the software is on Windows, but on Linux it is utterly outstanding! It of course has the default pretty effects like ripples and such that can emanate from a key you press, but it is fairly trivial (well, C code or using commands via its /dev entry) to set keys to specific colors, do your own effects (which ‘that’ you want to do in C only for performance reasons), macro your keys, rebind them, etc… etc…

So personally I do not see the purpose of the kickstarter or that keyboard at all, and this Corsair keyboard is not the only one like this either, so their kickstarter just seems to me like a (successful) cash-grab where I could duplicate their software functionality in a few (literal) minutes with a simple bash script or Elixir or whatever I want, all without requiring ‘cloud’ stuff (though I could easily do that too if I want). :wink:


Was looking at this keyboard for a while after reading your endorsement will going to give it a try :slight_smile:

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I definitely recommend it, even without the colors and great API (at least on linux, no clue elsewhere) it is still an utterly fantastic mechanical keyboard. ^.^

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I have I think one of the first Corsair mechanical keyboards Vengeance K90.
It works till now. So quality / durability is perfect :slight_smile:


What does it need 35Mb of hard drive space for? Does it come with some free games or is just drivers and set up utilities?

Mostly graphics. The windows software shows graphics for what is being done and such, that way you can click on a key on the graphic and then set its macros and such. The linux software is graphic-less (it is a GUI though, optional too) but even more powerful really. :slight_smile:

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Worth to notice , linux kernel 4.4 (ubuntu 16.04) has a bug and volume up doesn’t work for Vengeance K90. I tested kernal 4.10 and works fine.

Really? My kernel is 4.4.0-53-generic using Ubuntu 16.10 (with the KDE repository) and I have no issues with volume up, down, or mute, or anything else related to the keyboard. Maybe it is a Gnome issue as I use KDE/QT?


I tested it on kde neon, kernel upgrade fix the problem for me.

Hmm, any idea as to why it works for me without issue then? I’m quite curious. o.O?

I think the cloud connectivity thing is completely distracting and unnecessary, seems more like a joke. On the other hand I can’t live anymore without my daskeyboard (Model S Professional – http://www.daskeyboard.com/model-s-professional/).

Been using since 2013 and it is still pristine. Amazing mechanical keyboard.

Since I use OS X, I mapped the keyboard CTRL as CMD, and the WinKey as CTRL.