Dashboards system


in a search for my new business KPI dashboarding system I decided to build one myself. There is few interesting ones out there, but each has some things that bothers me.

The question that I have is more on how to structure the whole thing from the point of controllers, modules, etc. if I:

  1. would like to have dashboard on a screen which would have like 20 - 30 squares like panels/divs/boxes where each would have its own data source. So let say something like 6x5 matric

  2. as said each of them would have its own source, most probably from various databases, APIs, too.

  3. I would like to have push and pull functionality. So there might be some remote script that would push data directly to my dashboards panel/div/box. As single stat value for instance.

And perhaps in phase 2 I would like to switch everything to React.js infront. There is still possibility that React would be there from the start.

So how would you start this and structure. I mean… 1 controller? many - one for each panel/div/box???
This is my main dilema/question.

I would really appreciate some good suggestions here.

How about using separate app? https://github.com/kittoframework/kitto