DataDog Support - Whom/Which Companies are looking for official support?

Looking to reach out to the community to see whom (which companies) are looking to use DataDog.

Please mention which company and if:

  • If you’re an existing customer
  • If you want to be a customer if they add Erlang/Elixir support.

Existing customer, love datadog. Elixir support would be great! I work at AppMonet


Same here, I think we already use Datadog (or at least planning to).

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Svarlet which company?

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Existing customer, CargoSense

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Existing customer, Seat Scouts. We’re using DD with our Elixir app already, but improved BEAM support would be great.

Existing customer, CareDox.

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Existing customer - Aspera (an IBM company). We use DataDog mostly for infrastructure though.

Side note: it would be really nice we (elixir community) have a single good instrumentation library, and each services (DD, NewRelic, …) can leverage them. Not sure telemetry covers the needed low-level instrumentation out of box.


Existing customer - Divvy. We use datadog and APM currently and would love better support than we are getting through the Spandex libraries.

Existing (but new!) customer - Bunches. Using APM as well. Spandex library for tracing, and currently working on a Datadog logger backend.

Existing customer - Hifyre. Using logging (logger_json), custom metrics (statix) and investigating using Spandex for APM right now.