DataDog Support - Whom/Which Companies are looking for official support?



Looking to reach out to the community to see whom (which companies) are looking to use DataDog.

Please mention which company and if:

  • If you’re an existing customer
  • If you want to be a customer if they add Erlang/Elixir support.


Existing customer, love datadog. Elixir support would be great! I work at AppMonet


Same here, I think we already use Datadog (or at least planning to).


Svarlet which company?


Existing customer, CargoSense


Existing customer, Seat Scouts. We’re using DD with our Elixir app already, but improved BEAM support would be great.


Existing customer, CareDox.


Existing customer - Aspera (an IBM company). We use DataDog mostly for infrastructure though.

Side note: it would be really nice we (elixir community) have a single good instrumentation library, and each services (DD, NewRelic, …) can leverage them. Not sure telemetry covers the needed low-level instrumentation out of box.