datatable filtering

hi how can i filter record of the datatable without routing to a a different page? do i need to use Javascript or jquery for that?

When it comes to data display without the need to reload the browser, it’s highly likeable that some kind of javascript is involved in this, yes. Depending on which technology exactly you currently utilize, there are several nice alternatives. It all depends on and boils down to what technology you are using.

So can you elaborate a bit more about your elixir stack so people can help you better? What you would like to achieve in the given use case?

2 options :

you are ok for a redirect, then basically send parameters « » and then option will be available in controller’s params.

Or use js to perform Ajax request something like that (you can use LiveView also) so you’ll re-render a part of your dom.


First one is best for sharing your page with other because you got a link. Second one is best in performance / UX for your user.

(You can also update the browser location with with js).

So it depends of your knowledge and the way you want to accomplish that. Both are good options and will work very well.

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