DBLSQD - Release & Update Server for Mobile & Desktop

Hi there,

over the past few months I’ve been working on a service called DBLSQD (/ˈdə-bəl ˈskwid/) which is a release and update server for desktop and mobile applications.

What is DBLSQD?

DBLSQD allows you to publish new versions of your application to S3 or SFTP servers and gives you easy-to-process XML and JSON feeds for displaying update information to your users.

DBLSQD can be used with existing updating frameworks such as Sparkle or electron.autoUpdater/Squirrel. There are also drop-in solutions and SDKs for Node.js, Electron and C++/Qt with which you can add a complete auto-update solution to your app in just two or three lines of code.

The DBLSQD Qt drop-in GUI on macOS, Ubuntu and Windows.

How much Elixir is in it?

DBLSQD is developed completely in Elixir and wouldn’t be possible without the awesome libraries from its ecosystem. The web interface makes extensive use of Phoenix, the data layer is powered by Ecto, emails are sent with Swoosh and thanks to ConCache the application feeds are delivered at an amazing speed.

While DBLSQD is not yet a full open-source project, I plan on releasing large parts (if not the whole project) as free software. An important part of the DBLSQD core, the file uploading library Belt is already available on Hex :slight_smile:

Can I try it?

Absolutely! If you have any desktop or mobile application to which you would like to add an auto-update feature, DBLSQD would be a great match for you. Just head to dblsqd.com and try it out for free during a no-strings-attached 60-day trial.
DBLSQD is also free for free/libre software projects.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!


It is really awesome you use QT for that. :slight_smile:

Well, back in the Nokia days, I actually used to be a Qt Ambassador :wink:
But with DBLSQD, Qt is just one of the pre-made integrations; there is also one for Electron and there will be others in the future.

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