Debugger Setup for Elixir via Intellij

I’ve been trying to setup a debugger for an elixir application via intellij, but I have been encountering a

19:21:54.181 [error] ** :"debugged76537fa8-d8a3-4865-98e9-52d4bca4417c@": Connection attempt from node :"debugger76537fa8-d8a3-4865-98e9-52d4bca4417c@" rejected since it cannot handle [‘BIG_CREATION’].**

error everytime that I run the debug action on intellij. It works fine when I run the run action.


I am experiencing the same, have recently logged

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Just to complete the circle here it was pointed out on GitHub that @katebushgg had already logged a ticket on this one, which you can find at

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