Delete params in form when an event is triggered

Hi community!

I’m facing a problem with the PhoenixHTML’s form right now…
Let me give some context:

  • We have an embedded schema Review that embeds one Topic
  • There’s a “Create Review” form where you can search in an input for this Topic
  • A list of suggestions is prompted so you can select the topic
  • When a suggestion is clicked, a phx-click event calls the Review changeset and casts the topic (we are not inserting anything into a DB here)
  • Now in the form we change the view so we can display info about the topic (name, description, etc.)
  • The user should be able to delete this topic and search for another one using a button “X”
  • When clicking this “X” button an event is triggered and I’m calling then Ecto.Changeset.delete_change/2.

Code related:

  • This is the HTML Heex code for this input and showing of the topic’s info:
<%= if input_value(f, :topic) do %>
          <div class="...">
            <div class="...">
              <%= inputs_for f, :topic, fn fp -> %>
                <p> <%= input_value(fp, :name) %> </p>
                <p> <%= input_value(fp, :description) %> </p>
              <% end %>
            <div class="...">
              <button type="button" phx-click="delete" phx-target={@myself}  class="...">X</button>
<% else %>
            <%= text_input f, :topic_search, "phx-keyup": "form-search", "phx-target": @myself, class: "...", placeholder: "Search for a topic name" %>
            <%= if @filtered_results != [] do %>
              <div class="...">
                <div class="...">
                  <%= for result <- @filtered_results do %>
                    <div class="..." phx-click="pick" phx-value-selected-id={} phx-target={@myself}>
                      <%= %> - <%= result.description %>
                  <% end %>
            <% end %>
<% end %>
  • And this is how we delete the topic from the changeset:
def handle_event("delete", _params, socket) do
    new_changeset = Ecto.Changeset.delete_change(socket.assigns.changeset, :topic)

    {:noreply, assign(socket, changeset: new_changeset)}

Now the problem:

The topic is deleted from the changeset (as expected!) BUT it’s still in the form’s PARAMS :scream: so the input_value function detects we have the topic and tries to show it (but we want to be able to see the search input again and look for a new one!)

This is how the Form looks like after deleting…

  action: "#",
  data: %MyApp.Review{
    topic: nil
  errors: [],
  hidden: [],
  id: "review",
  impl: Phoenix.HTML.FormData.Ecto.Changeset,
  index: nil,
  name: "review",
  options: [method: "post"],
  params: %{
    "topic" => %{
      name: "Topic 1",
      description: "A nice topic!",
      id: 1
  source: #Ecto.Changeset<action: nil, changes: %{}, errors: [],
   data: #MyApp.Review<>, valid?: true>

Does anyone know how to delete the params from the form too? Or if I’m doing something wrong when adding the topic to the review…?

Thanks in advance!! :muscle:

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