Deploy a Phoenix app on Digital Ocean with MySQL database, nginx reverse proxy and Let's Encrypt

Up and Running - Elixir Phoenix on Digital Ocean

A playlist of videos that go through basic app creation, getting a Digital Ocean server and setting up nginx as a reverse proxy server with Let’s Encrypt certificate.

  • Part 1 - Setup a basic Phoenix app with MySQL
  • Part 2 - Create a GitHub repository and setup version tracking
  • Part 3 - Get a Digital Ocean server, setup your account, get an SSH connection and setup DNS
  • Part 4 - Install everything necessary for a Phoenix app: erlang, elixir, node and MySQL
  • Part 5 - Install nginx, create a separate server block and install a Let’s Encrypt certificate
  • Part 6 - Connect the server to github and release the phoenix app with nginx reverse proxy set up

Thank you @omgneering :smiley:

Great tutorial!