Deploy a simple app in

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I never deploy an app so i’m learning, i want deploy an app in, my app use Elixir and Phoenix Live View, i only have two simple live views and i save a name and a descripction of a product my app it’s a shopping list that update in realtime, i don’t have Users, etc… i only have a simple migration with a table, now how can i deploy this app using ?

I read that you can create your own database for the same app using a command like flyctl postgres create :thinking: but i’m not sure if i need add something to my proyect or config something…

I want do this for free :slight_smile: it’s only for learn purpose :slight_smile: thanks!

I run the command fly launch and it opens a tab for config the project, how can i config the database ?:thinking:

This is the first result if I Google: “deploy phoenix to fly io”.

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When you run fly launch, make sure to select or add a postgres database. After that, run fly deploy in the terminal, that should start the deploy process.

The db uri is automatically added by fly and set as a env variable. With a standard phoenix setup it should just work

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Thank you so much it works :slight_smile: