Deploying distillery release to k8 with using docker?

i want to deploy elixir release in k8 without using docker or any container. is there a way to do?

when i try to find, all blogs or any are using docker to deploy?

By “k8” - you mean K8s (Kubernetes)?
If so:
I’m not a devops guy, but I thought that containers are essential to K8s, so I would think the answer is NO. Though, I could imagine the situation when app is up and running in the container and you want to treat it as a server and simply replace the app inside the container. Even if you figure out how to do that - I think, it’s essentially the wrong approach deploying the app to K8s.

As @RudManusachi notes Kubernetes for all practical purposes requires containers. We build releases and then load those releases into a thin container and then deploy those containers in K8s. Works great.