Deploying Graphql phoenix application(using Absinthe) to Heroku

My project is using phoenix with absinthe as backend server.
I am trying to heroku using this guide

I added these two build packs


And tried to deploy with

git push heroku mastter

But I got this error

Detecting assets directory                                                                                                                                                                 
remote:        WARNING: no package.json detected in root nor custom directory                                                                                                                             
remote:        * assuming phoenix 1.3.x and later, please check config file
remote:        Will use phoenix configuration:
-----> Building dependencies
remote: /app/tmp/buildpacks/abc8fb9e8be131ec2574c4ba9e31b81540d97b3bbce47d96e05959c4f81404ac71605dd35ebbcf7a1abe958c346d8ee266ff035de9254424eb54e8b9480059be/lib/ line 118: cd: /tmp/build_d73192
04b17d896c73c2ff3b30ea73db/./assets: No such file or directory
remote:  !     Push rejected, failed to compile Phoenix app.
remote:  !     Push failed

I think this is because of that I don’t have assets directory.
What can I do? I need to do custom build packs?

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I don’t think you’ll need the heroku-buildpack-phoenix-static buildpack if your app doesn’t have any assets. Try removing that and deploying.


I just removed phoenix static build pack and added Procfile with

web: mix phx.server
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