Deploying Umbrella Project To Multiple Machines

All umbrella project deploying tutorials for single machine. We create umbrella projects for microservices right ? Am i missing something, why there isnt any tutorial for that? I couldnt find any strategies for deploying apps to multiple machines.

Umbrella are more like internal microservices.

You are probably looking for distribution, which is probably the last and most difficult part to implement. Which involve linking multiple servers…

Or maybe You could implement multiple api endpoints, each doing something in autonomy.

In the case of umbrella application, each could be considered as a microservice, but they run on the same machine :slight_smile:

Chapter 12 of EIA is about distribution And there are examples too in Programming Elixir, Little Elixir/OTP guidebook.

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Now i understand thanks. So microservices are still big deal. Elixir helps connect nodes but we will still deal with database distribution. And database distribution is really scary thing :+1:

There is Riak or Mnesia for distributed DB.

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I know depends on hardware and database design but what is limits of single database approximately? What will be bottleneck mostly?

It’s hard to tell, it depends on the number of users You are expecting.

You could stress test your system to show the limit… Some tools are done for this.

Also You can go a good way with postgresl and data replication…

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