Deployment broken link provides a link to the deployment guide, the link is broken. What is the new link?

It probably refers to

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do mix release deployment persists when server is restarted or rebooted?

Depends on what exactly you mean by “persist”…

The deployed files are probably persisted in the file system (unless you deployed to a ram drive/tmpfs), everything it wrote into a DB will probably still be there a as well, though if it will be automatically restarted, depends on how you used to start it initially.

It boils down to, if you used something to manage its lifecycle, it will usually come back as soon as its lifecycle manager comes back, usually systemd or docker.

If you started it from a shell, then you need to restart manually.

But this is also true for mix phx.server style “deployments”.

Persists I meant automatically restarted every time the server is rebooted or restarted, just like Nginx or Apache. What is the easiest way to restart it automatically? I heard --detached mode is deprecated?

The easiest way to start it manually on a production server is to not do it, but instead use a proper service description depending on your init system or a docker container that is set to restart=always.

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Sorry typo I meant start automatically. I see maybe use systemd on Debian. I wish there is sample specifically for Phoenix.