Deployment error


Can someone urgently help me fix this error below?

When trying to deploy an elixir api service, I get:

$ MIX_ENV=prod mix release

  • assembling test-1.0.0 on MIX_ENV=prod
  • skipping runtime configuration (config/releases.exs not found)
    ** (Mix) Duplicated modules:
    socket specified in kernel and gen_smtp

I am using Elixir version 1.10.

Thanks in advance.



You probably need to give more details. My project also uses gen_smtp and it works. As gen_smtp is a erlang package and you were talking about socket which is also from erlang, you may want to tell us your erlang environment.

If, for example you update erlang after you install elixir, I strongly suggest you recompile elixir with the updated erlang environment.

Hello @derek-zhou,

Thanks for giving me the clue to the cause of the problem.

I actually didn’t realize I had any such package in my project.

I am grateful for the help.

Kind regards,