Deployment on elixir 1.9 the same as 1.8?

Hi, I was wondering if I can use the same deployment I used in elixir 1.8 as in 1.9?

I don’t want to use the mix release yet. I just want the bug updates of 1.9.

I’m currently using Distillery and Edeliver to deploy base on this blog post.

Technically I can try this but I currently have a $5 DO server and it takes forever* to compile so I was curious if anybody tried this.

Thank you for your time.

*Currently 45 minutes ish have passed and asdf is still compiling erlang 22 >___<

Upgrade to the latest distillery and then do mix distillery.release to get the old release task.


I’m planning to run my stuff on a 5$ droplet as well, and to avoid thus long compile times, I plan to build my stuff at gitlab CI and push it over to DO via SSH.


Oooh thank you, I’ll look into that.