Detroit Tech Watch - looking for speakers

Hi all,

I’m helping to organize the first edition of the Detroit Tech Watch conference. I’m also a huge fan of Elixir. Detroit Tech Watch is intended to be a day to talk about new languages and technologies and we’d love to have Elixir represented. I can speak to Elixir myself but I’d much rather someone a bit deeper on Elixir than I comes up to talk to the conference.

We can help with travel expenses if you’re inclined to join us in Detroit in June. If you’re so inclined please submit a talk via our CFP

Even if you’re not so inclined we’d sure appreciate people sharing the word about our conference!

Thanks in advance!


First of all thanks to all those who’ve submitted talks for Detroit Tech Watch. I am looking forward to having to make some tough choices–which is a great problem to have.

I also wanted to remind folks that if you still want to submit a talk about Elixir, you’ve got till April 14 to do so. Our Call for Presentations will close on the 14th (as will the Early Bird Ticket Sales).

I hope to meet some of you folks at our conference!

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