Some quick update for any of you that have been using You probably noticed that is has been out of date for a while now (stuck to Elixir 1.9 and Phoenix 1.3) due to inactivity on the repository.

Some PRs have been merged this week, and the latest versions (Elixir 1.11, Phoenix 1.5) are now supported. LiveView’s documentation is now also available together with Phoenix+PhoenixHTML+Ecto+Plug docs and they can all be searched in one place.

Note: I am neither a maintainer nor advocating to use devdocs, simply informing about the update :slight_smile:
Note2: I think there are still some issues to be fixed regarding how Plug documentation is parsed, if somebody interested who knows ruby wants to take a look.

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When you browse to Elixir and click on the latest version, it shows Mix documentation instead, not Elixir documentation.