Develop data driven SPAs with Elixir, Cowboy and React

Hi guys,

I’d like to share this small project with you, it’s an example application that shows how to use Elixir and Cowboy 1.1 in conjunction with React, Redux and Redux Saga to create data driven Single Page Applications. It is an enhanced Todo list web app that pretends to serve as an example to learn how to build web applications with Elixir (neither Phoenix nor Plug) and React. In this project you will find how to implement features such as:


  • Anonymous authentication (encoding and signing user with JWT)
  • RESTful JSON API (Cowboy REST handlers)
  • Serve static files (Cowboy static handler)
  • Authorization (decoding and verifying JWT)
  • Data modeling and persistency (Ecto + PostgreSQL)


  • Component based SPA (React)
  • Application state management (Redux)
  • Async operations handling (Redux Saga)

Hope this is useful for you guys. Here is a deployed version of the app.