Developer for the OmiseGO blockchain team | Warsaw, Poland | Full-time

OmiseGO Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Omise Holdings Pte. Ltd., is bringing to market a white-label mobile wallet platform that facilitates payment, loyalty and rewards, remittances and cross-wallet transactions. By enabling money to move in different ways, OmiseGO leverages blockchain technology to open up possibilities for new types of financial services for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We are looking for skilled developers to join the core team to build a truly decentralized exchange, running on Ethereum and Plasma. By making that possible, you’ll be providing the necessary ground layer for international financial operations, happening at large scale. You will also be working closely with the OmiseGO wallet, business and operations team based in Bangkok, to ensure the underlying blockchain layer is designed and implemented according to business requirements. This is a unique opportunity to develop a new blockchain that will be deployed and used in mainstream financial products.

We’re considering Elixir as the language and platform on which the OmiseGO blockchain stack will be built. Please see the link for details (job description in English).

Further Info


You can attract more people, if you put here also info about salary range and possibility to work remotely etc.

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salary range

I wish I could, but at this point, I’m restricted by hiring policy etc.

work remotely

As outlined in the link, primarily on site (Warsaw, Poland), but we’re open to the possibility of lifting that requirement in the future. So if anyone is excited about this opportunity, but can’t relocate, please, let us know!

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Nice to see Elixir opportunity in my country. Good luck! :smiley:

I’m sorry but i can’t find any info, any email address to apply. Should I contact OmiseGO directly through omg at omise dot co?

The ad on pracuj dot pl should have an “Apply” (“Aplikuj Teraz”) button on the bottom and on the side-panel.

In case it’s unwieldy there is a mirroring ad and means to apply at a different ad engine:

Great to see Elixir in the blockchain, wating for updates in the Omise state!

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I’m interested but I’m in Miami :frowning: