Developer with some elixir experience (books/courses) looking for tips on open source

Hi all,

First of all I’ve been learning elixir on and off for a long time now. I took multiple courses and also read some books. The problem is I haven’t really started working on a bigger project, so it all boils down to beginner code and nothing really complex.

A colleague told me that open source could be a nice way to tackle more complex problems whilst learning the language.

Now I’ve tried doing some searching on GitHub but without much success, some problems are way to hard and a lot of the projects don’t have much activity going on.

So I decided to point my question to the elixir forum, I don’t know if this is the right place but if you are a library maintainer or working on a cool project where you need a set of extra hands let me know! I would love to dive into a project to learn more elixir and also to give back to the community. I just graduated and have 2 years of working experience in other programming languages.




Hi @Bart, you are welcome to join Drab, see Contributing. We need more hands to compete with the Live View :slight_smile:


Hi @grych, that looks like a very interesting project. I’ve seen the liveview video from Chris and was really excited about it, I had a quick look and it seems like this is already providing the same features and more! I will look into a few issues to see if there is anything I can work on! Thanks

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