Developing a Mobile App with Elixir and Phoenix in 2023 - Technology Stack Inquiry

Hello ElixirForum community,

I’m planning to build a mobile app using Elixir and Phoenix in 2023. I’d like to get your input on the best technology for the mobile front-end. Should I go with React Native, Flutter, or something else?

Any advice, case studies, or considerations regarding Elixir-Phoenix integration with these mobile frameworks would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

Hello and welcome…

Maybe You could try Elixir Native?!


LiveView Native is not production ready yet, parts of the API are being smoothed over and Android support is currently on hold.

Thank you for mentioning ‘Elixir Native.’ I’ve been eagerly anticipating news about somting like this, and I’m looking forward to learning more.

I’m using SwiftUI for iOS and Jetpack Compose for Android. I’m very happy with this choice.

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Hi @ilkerkaan, as @NduatiK commented parts of the API are being smoothed and the effort for this release 0.1 was focused first on SwiftUI. As an Elixir/iOS Developer combining both worlds is very exciting and the possible benefits to someone leading a technical team in a startup are clear to me. Brian the Dockyard founder and CEO wrote this blog post Elixir’s First Native Development Framework Will Massively Accelerate Development Timelines

Finally there are a couple of examples you can try:

And if you get stuck drop me a line in Slack in the #liveviewnative channel

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Curious what tech you DID go with? And why did you choose it?