Developing an authentication plan

Hi there,

I’m looking for someone who would be willing to work as a paid consultant (via Skype or something similar) while I piece together the authentication methods I will be using in my application. I feel like I need to solidify my ideas around authentication before I continue developing on the rest of my application as there are critical elements to my application that rely on which environment my application is running in. Even if the consultancy was just to bounce ideas off someone with the relevant experience, I feel that would be beneficial.

I have started wiring up the basic components, but I am still struggling to figure out a few of the finer details of how I will make the content available to users.

In particular, I am looking for someone who has experience in the education sector and has had exposure to SAML, LMS platforms and how my application can behave when inside an outside of an LMS.

Feel free to message me with your hourly rate in USD and your relevant experience. This is not an on-going position. At the moment, it is purely for me to consolidate my ideas against a relevant specialist. I would expect it would only take 2-3 hours - but that may even be a gross underestimate based on lack of knowledge in this area. If it takes less than an hour (which I doubt) - I’ll still pay the full hour.