DevOps Engineer - Elixir (Hybrid, Hamburg, Germany)

Introductory paragraph

We are looking for a software engineer who is fluent in Elixir and knows the ecosystem (especially and a bit of AWS) and can support us to not only scale the technical foundations of our company but also integrate external services and streamline the merging of acquired companies on a technical level.

About us

My name: Maximilian Stroh
My position: Head of Engineering
Company name: Event Inc
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Hamburg, Germany
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

We are in the business of organizing company events and connect organizers with optimal venues. Over the years we have grown into becoming the national industry leader and are now expanding across europe and consolidating the markets. Our old tech stack is built with Rails and Nextjs, and currently we’re rewriting our platform with Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView.

About the job

Job title: DevOps Engineer - Elixir
Job description: As a DevOps Engineer - (Elixir) your mission is to support the smooth and efficient operation of our Event Inc Platform(s), focusing on aspects of scalability, observability, and resilience.
Salary range:
Qualifications or experience required: Being dangerous in Elixir, since going forward all code/scripting/automations/BI is written in it. Apart from that, typical DevOps/SRE topics, from infrastructure automation to DevEx.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Scaling and Automating our whole company based on our new platform, including leveraging modern AI tools/APIs.

Position on remote work

Remote job: Hybrid, with 2-3 days in the office
Remote restrictions: none
Remote leeway: —
Any other notes about your position on remote work: —

About the interview process

We start with a brief HR get-to-know call, then handing out a technical take-home challenge and then finish with presenting the solution to our dev team which also checks cultural fit.

Further info

if this sounds interesting for you, please apply here: DevOps Engineer - Elixir (Human) | Jobs at Eventinc GmbH